Underrated Wedding Accessories for Men

Whether you’re wearing a simple black, gray, or navy suit or have something a little more interesting planned for your special day, a groom’s outfit isn’t complete without a few key accessories. They’re an easy way to customize your look and show off a bit of your personality.

Accessories can make or break your wedding-day outfit. And if you’re going to choose something especially fun and bold to finish off your look, remember less is more. Here are a few wedding-day accessories to consider, along with some tips to pulling them off.



A traditional, plain pair of socks will never go out of style, but socks are an awesome way to get a little crazy with your look. Since they’ll likely be covered by your trousers, pick a bold pattern that’s meaningful to you—these days, you can find companies who will personalize your socks with a picture of your dog. 

How to rock it: Get your groomsmen matching, or purposefully mismatching, socks. For instance, ask every guy to wear a specific pattern (like polka dots or stripes) in any color, or buy them each a unique pair within the same theme (we’re sure they’d appreciate their favorite sports team or super hero).



Unless you’re getting married on the beach, we’re guessing a pair of shoes is going to be included in your wedding day ensemble. Brown or black leather, lace-up loafers and oxfords will give you a classic look, while velvet slip-ons are a more fashion-forward step. We just recommend staying away from any type of plastic material—it makes the shoe uncomfortable and can cheapen the overall look of your outfit.

How to rock it: Opt for oxfords and a cropped trouser, then go sockless. You’ll toe the line of hipster and actual cool guy.



If you’re having an outdoor or daytime wedding, make sure to bring your shades with you. Your usual pair will do, as most sunglasses will work for formal or casual wear, but if you want to get a little fancy, check out companies like Knockaround, that let you create customized pairs (which you can then gift to your groomsmen as well). 

How to rock it: Classic will always be cool. You can’t go wrong with old-school aviators or Wayfarers.



Cufflinks might be small, but boy, are they mighty (when it comes to packing a sartorial punch). We do suggest checking in with your partner before investing in a pair, since most brides or grooms will choose to gift cufflinks on the morning of the ceremony. But if the choice is yours—or if you’re planning on dropping hints—cufflinks can come in a variety of wild styles. We’ve seen some made from vinyl records, Legos, precious stones, and even retired stadium chairs.

How to rock it: Even the flashiest, most obnoxious pair of cufflinks won’t be too distracting from your overall outfit, so go big and find a pair that truly expresses your personality.



Showing up late on your wedding day is a huge no-no, and a watch will keep you on time and looking sharp. The right timepiece should work within your dress code and complement your entire wardrobe. Don’t wear anything too big or gaudy, though; it should be able to tuck into your jacket sleeve.

How to rock it: You know that watch—the expensive one—that stays in its case? Today’s the day to rock it, friend.


Tie or Bowtie 

Neckwear—whether it’s a tie or bowtie—is one of the most notable ways to add color or style to your suit. Linen and cotton fabrics have a casual look to them and can be worn in the summer or for a less formal affair; heavier fabrics, like wool and tweed, work great for a winter wedding; and silk will always make a suit look formal enough for a black tie dress code. 

How to rock it: A solid color tie in the same color family as the bridal party’s dresses will keep the entire wedding party look cohesive. Make sure yours is in a slightly different shade than your groomsmen if you want to stand out.


Pocket Square 

Much like a tie, a pocket square can add a pop of color to your wedding day ensemble. You can choose a white or solid-colored pocket square to match your wedding’s theme or color palette, but we think you should go bold and even a little quirky with this fashion-forward accessory. 

How to rock it: First, choose a print that complements your tie and catches the eye, then check out our blog post on how to fold your square.

Visit us online to pick up a few stand-out pocket squares for you and your groomsmen, and then share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #FollowTheFold.