What Your Pocket Square Says About You

They say money clothes don’t make the man…but we think they actually can make a statement about the man wearing them. Every morning you get dressed, the clothes you put on and the accessories you choose convey a part of your personality to the world.

So, before you head out the door, take all the details into consideration, because something as simple as a pocket square can have a big impact. Here’s what these 10 Rare Fold pocket squares might just be saying about you.


The Treasurer

No one needs to tell you to stay golden—it’s your lifestyle. You’ve got your mind on your money and money on your mind, and that’s okay, because your outfit will always come together flawlessly when you’re wearing The Treasurer. It’s a bold touch that reflects the bold moves you’re willing to take to close a deal and make that money.


The Ripe Coconut

Subtle and sophisticated, The Ripe Coconut walks the line between business and pleasure. Since the square is off white, wearing it is easy and effortless. It says you can’t be bothered with matching patterns or contrasting colors—your mind is on more important things, like lying on the beach with a coconut (and rum!) in hand.


The Fine Apples 

Life is a breeze and everything is fine, especially when you’re wearing The Fine Apples. Your friends and family might describe you as laid back, bringing a tropical ray of sunshine with you wherever you go. The fun and fresh palm tree and pineapple motif embraces your brilliance.


The Fresh Prince

You’re not afraid to take a risk. Maybe you’ll move from Philly to Bel Air; maybe you’ll wow the boardroom; maybe you’ll go bright or go home and decide to finish your outfit off with The Fresh Prince. The flashy aqua hue will give you a little bit of added confidence, whether you’re in a meeting, on a date, or walking next to The Fresh Prince himself on the red carpet.


The Flamingle

You’re not afraid to command attention and The Flamingle will keep all eyes on you. Wear it when you’re fla-mingling, and you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd. A soft pink with a bright, brazen flamingo pattern will make you feel at home—right at the center of attention.


The Lover

The name says it all. Add The Lover to your jacket pocket and let the world know about the romantic side of you. A soft pink shade, this pocket square allows you to share your sensitive, loving, caring nature.


The Royal Stallion 

When seahorses are engaging in courtship, it involves an eight-hour dance of spinning, swimming, and changing colors. You, of course, won’t have to go through all that hoopla to get attention when you’re wearing The Royal Stallion. The seahorse pattern on this pocket square embraces your efficiency, relentlessness, and whimsicalness.


The Duke

Typically, a vibrant royal blue shade stands for superiority and honor. The Duke commands respect and allows you to show off your confidence.


The Gentleman’s Vacation

You’d rather be on the beach, right? Or on some daring adventure, or on vacation literally anywhere? If you consider yourself a traveler or explorer, keep that spirit alive by finishing off your outfit with The Gentleman’s Vacation. The design on this pocket square is a nod to the shades and beach umbrellas that keep you looking—and feeling—cool all year long.


The Desert Rose

You like to be subtle, which is why the washed out salmon hue of The Desert Rose should be added to your pocket square collection. People often underestimate you, but it doesn’t take long for them to be blown away by your charm, style, and swag. Like a rose with its thorns, stay sharp and never leave home without this one. 

The way you fold your pocket square can speak volumes about you and your style as well. From the nonchalant Puff Fold to a more strategic Three Stair Fold, make sure you’re checking out our blog for folding instructions and style tips to help make your pocket square really stand out.

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