You Don't Need a Full Suit to Rock a Pocket Square

You can probably venture a guess that we are all about the pocket square at Rare Fold. In fact, we think the accessory can be worn for any occasion. You can always don a pocket square to sharpen up your look, even on days that don’t require a full suit.

Some men might have the perception that a pocket square should only be worn on formal occasions. On the contrary, they pocket squares easily add a touch of flair or personality to a casual outfit. Once you become a pocket square pro, you’ll find that walking out of the house without one feels like walking out sans shoes—neither of which we recommend doing. So here’s the breakdown of how to wear a pocket square without the suit.


Suit Up?

Look, a suit is a wardrobe necessity. By no means are we saying to throw out your pants and jacket sets. There will always be several occasions—weddings, funerals, job interviews, business meetings, formal dinners—which will require one. However, unless you’re 007 or a royal dignitary, we’re guessing a full suit isn’t part of your everyday look.

 By definition, a suit is a matching set of garments—typically a jacket and trousers, at minimum—that are cut from the same cloth. Based on that, it might seem like a suit is pretty elementary. But we guarantee there will be times you’ll want to mix it up and ditch the traditional suit. Read on to see why you shouldn’t ditch the pocket square.


Square Up!

The growing popularity of the pocket square comes with more opportunity to sport one. Essentially, they allow you to easily elevate your everyday look with a pop of sartorial flair without the formality of the suit and/or tie. Here’s a quick hit list of ways to wear the pocket square to upgrade your casual look.

  • Even the subtlest of pocket squares can dress up a simple sports coat or blazer. A solid color square will make you look more stylish, without shouting for all eyes to be on you.
  • Remember, a pocket square can do the same job as a tie. The right material, like silk, can make your blazer or coat look more expensive and your entire outfit look more thought-out.
  • You don’t have to stick to subtle; a flashy, pattern-forward and colorful pocket square will add personality to your outfit. For instance, a flamingo or sunglass pattern can dress up your look while keeping it fun and playful.
  • Let’s say you’re at a wedding, and can’t let your sweet dance moves be restricted by a jacket—cool, forego the jacket altogether and tuck your pocket square into a vest. It’ll add style and make your vest more appropriate on its own for formal events.
  • You can keep it super casual—we’re talking jeans and a sports coat, here—and still look sharp enough for a dinner or drinks with someone you need to impress. Add a bold pocket square, and your look will instantly appear more put together.


Now that you know how to wear a pocket square with casual wear, you need to know how to wear it. Bear with us. The Puff fold is a nonchalant approach to pocket square style that appropriately complements a casual outfit. Here are the six steps to pulling off the look. 


  1. Begin with the pocket square face up, on a flat surface.
  2. Pinch the square at the center and lift up, so that all four corners are hanging down.
  3. Run the fabric through the thumb and first finger of the opposite hand, creating a loose, tubular shape.
  4. Adjust the peak, making it wider (to fit the length of your pocket) if necessary.
  5. Fold the bottom up and behind the front (peak).
  6. Tuck the pocket square into your breast pocket, with the peak more or less at the center. Leave any dimples and wrinkles alone; just keep it neat by making sure the square isn’t spilling out over your pocket.

 How do you rock your pocket square for causal events? Share you Rare Fold style with us, using #FollowTheFold on Facebook and Instagram.