Rare Fold was born out of frustration with the endless supply of polka dot, paisley, and plain old pocket squares in the world. We knew there had to be more out there.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t.


Fortunately, we did something about it.


Welcome to Rare Fold - a men’s accessory brand that turns heads when you step out the door. We stylize the modern man to look and feel his best while keeping his wallet happy. By cutting out the middle man, we deliver straight to you for the best deal. To us, it’s not just about male fashion, it’s about owning your style.


Rare Fold is built on a community of men who want more than average pocket squares. From inception to production, our squares are tailored to blend boldness, passion and raw confidence into every design. Adding that extra touch to your outfit and feeling your best everyday has never been easier.



Start a new chapter in your fashion journey and step into the fold.