Casual Pocket Squares

In many sartorial circles, a pocket square should be worn with a full suit or solely for formal occasions. But at Rare Fold, we think the accessory can easily add a touch of flair or personality to any outfit and any occasion.

In fact, once you become a pocket square pro, you’ll find that walking out of the house without one feels like walking out without shoes. So here’s the breakdown of how to wear a casual pocket square to sharpen up your look no matter what you’re wearing.


Skip the Suit, Save the Square

We’re not hating on suits; they’re a wardrobe necessity that should always have a place in your closet. But unless you’re 007 or a Wall Street tycoon, we’re guessing a full suit isn’t part of your everyday look. There will probably be several times you’ll want to mix it up and ditch the traditional suit for more casual attire—but that doesn’t mean you should skip the pocket square.

The growing popularity of the pocket square comes with more opportunity to don one. Essentially, they allow you to elevate your everyday look with a pop of color and personality without the formality of the suit and/or tie. The right material, like linen, can make your blazer or sports coat look more expensive and your entire outfit look more thought-out and put together.


Three Types of Casual Pocket Squares Your Closet Needs

When you’re looking to upgrade your look from really relaxed to casual cool, all you need is a pocket square. If you’re ensemble is more informal, you should opt for a linen or cotton fabric, as opposed to silk, which is more appropriate for buttoned-up looks. And because you’re keeping it casual, you can wear just about any color or pattern that speaks to you. With that in mind, here are three types of pocket squares that will complement any casual outfit:


Simple White

When in doubt, keeping it simple is the safest way to go. A crisp, clean white pocket square made from cotton or linen can add elegance to your look. The simplicity of an all-white square makes it easy to grab, fold, tuck, and go. It effortlessly complements just about any outfit, without too much of a thought process behind it. Rock it, especially in the summer, with a colored blazer and shorts combo; or use it to play up a pattern (like polka dots) in your short-sleeve button-down.

The Cape Todd is timeless, while The Ripe Coconut is a slight off-white that delivers the same cool vibe.


Bold Solid

 In a casual setting, you have the liberty of being more experimental with colors—so take advantage of it. A seersucker blazer becomes even more fashionable and fun with a bold pocket square. The same goes for linen and poplin jackets. A solid colored square in a vibrant hue will make you look more stylish, and because you’re dealing with a solid color, matching it (or mis-matching it) to your outfit still feels pretty effortless.

 The Desert Rose will give your look a subtle pop of color. For brighter options, check out The Duke (a royal blue), The Fresh Prince (a cool aqua), or The Treasurer (an eye-catching yellow).


Playful Pattern

Casual doesn’t need to be subtle. A flashy pattern can give your clothing more personality and playfulness. And let’s face it – with a casual outfit, you can be as playful as you want. If your ensemble is reasonably neutral in color, feel free to go big or go home with your pocket square.

Covered in pineapples and palms, The Fine Apples conveys coolness; The Flamingle pattern adds a bright punch of color; and the lighter hues—pink and blue—in The Gentlemen’s Vacation will bring the relaxed feeling of summer to your outfit.


With a casual pocket square, you don’t have to try too hard. There are simple folds—the Presidential or Puff folds, for instance—that will pull your look together without much effort. Check out Rare Fold online for tips on wearing your pocket square and to shop our full collection.