How do I wear a pocket square?

You don’t. It wears you.


When do I wear pocket squares?

Every second of everyday. Showers included.


Why do men wear pocket squares?

The same reason kings wear crowns.


If I’ve never owned a pocket square, which one should I buy?

This one. [Insert link to our most popular square]


Is a pocket square the same thing as a handkerchief?

 Is whiskey the same thing as beer?


Is a man the same thing as a boy?


What’s the purpose of a pocket square?

To give men purpose.


Should I match pocket squares with my tie?

Here’s a better question – why isn’t everything matching with your pocket square?


What are pocket squares made out of?

Most are made of from silk, linen or cotton. Ours are made of raw confidence, old fashioned whiskey, and the smile you give yourself in the mirror.


How to fold a pocket square?

See our landing fold guide. [insert landing page link] But be warned, not everybody can do the Rare folds.


What color pocket square should I own?

 Every. Single. One.


What are the Do’s of wearing pocket squares?

Do wear to impress your boss, your barista, and your bro’s.


What are the Don’ts of wearing pocket squares?

Don’t ever call it a handkerchief. Those bloody things are for blowing noses.


What’s the difference between a pocket square and a handkerchief?

Pocket squares adds to your style, the other is an overpriced tissue.


Can I blow my nose in my pocket square?

Didn’t you read the last question?


Can I wear a pocket square everyday?

 Yes. Just remember you don’t ask for permission to wear your pants everyday.


Are pocket squares actually square?

Ours are. If you’ve ever bought one that isn’t you probably shouldn’t buy it from there again.


Where did pocket squares originate?

The Incredibly True Story of the Pocket Square begins in In 442 BS (Before Square). The Fashionable Founding Fathers (FFF) gathered a counsel together because males in their tribe were struggling to attract a mate. They came up with the idea of creating a decorative cloth square to be used for attracting potential mates in their tribe. As their mission was successful and they began winning over mates, the use of the decorative cloth square developed into a male fashion accessory known today as the pocket square.


How long have pocket squares been around?

As long as pockets and squares have been around. (Which some say is as old as the Earth itself)


 Are pocket squares required for weddings?

Yes. The most important day of your life requires the most essential accessory.


The real question is are weddings required for pocket squares?


Can pocket squares make me more manly?

Pocket squares are the essence of masculinity.


How do I clean my pocket square?

See our guide [insert link] on how to keep your pocket square in pristine condition.


Can I order custom pocket squares?



Can I wash my pocket square?

Check out our guide on how to wash your pocket square. 


If I have a question about my Rare Fold order who do I contact?

Send an email to info@rarefold.com.


What makes Rare Fold different from any other pocket square brand?

We are more than a brand - we are the embodiment of masculinity, confidence, and style that the world has never seen before.