Groomsmen Pocket Squares

It’s your big day, fellas, and while some people say all eyes are on the bride, that doesn’t mean you can’t look dapper yourself. At Rare Fold, we think grooms should have a chance to stand out as well—and the best way to do that is with a well-chosen pocket square.


The fashion-forward accessory is a dashing way to let your personality shine on your wedding day. Choosing the perfect pocket square for a day that’s this important can be challenging, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the unique designs and colors offered by Rare Fold.


5 Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Wedding Pocket Square 

Need help deciding on your groom pocket square for the big day? Go with your gut and just choose whichever speaks to you…but keep these five things in mind.



Usually, grooms will pick a pocket square that matches the wedding’s color or theme, but we think they might be missing the chance to add their own flair to the big day. Because a pocket square is just a small aspect of your wedding-day attire, you can go big and bold with the color or pattern without it being too distracting.


Just remember, if you’re wearing a tie, your pocket square should not match it exactly. Instead, make sure there’s a shared color to bring the two accessories together. This isn’t prom night, guys. Show how much your style has evolved and take a chance with something fun—this might even be your chance to subtly support your favorite team.


If you’re still struggling with deciding on a color or pattern, nothing says distinguished and elegant like classic white. This option will look particularly stylish if you’re wearing a patterned shirt under your suit.



The formality of your wedding may end up dictating the type of material you choose. If the dress code for your big day is black-tie, then silk will be the most appropriate and formal option.


However, if your guests (and you) are invited to wear attire that’s a little more casual, a high-quality linen pocket square will perfectly fit the occasion. Not only is linen a good option for more causal events, it’s also a better choice for warmer weather, which works if you’re saying “I do” during wedding season—May through September.



This might come as an after-thought, but chances are, there will be a boutonnière waiting for you as you get ready to head out to say your vows. Some grooms will choose to let the boutonnière stand in place of the pocket square, but for added flair, we say you should opt for both. Just make sure your jacket feels balanced; if you do choose to wear a boutonnière (and it’s anything more complicated than a single white bloom), you might want to tone down the color or pattern of your square. If the floral accessory is simple enough, choose a pocket square that includes some of the same coloring as the flower you’re wearing. And stick to a simple fold, like the Presidential, so that the two accessories are not competing for attention.



Speaking of fold, there are a number of ways—each with its own distinguished look and personality—to rock your pocket square. If you’ve spent time and thought in choosing your square, you should spend a few extra seconds making sure it looks neat and respectable while resting in your jacket pocket.


Again, the Presidential fold works best if you’re trying to keep things simple, either in overall look or in color of your square (i.e. white). A colorful fabric or bold pattern will shine with a Puff fold. But if you really want to show off your pocket square know-how, the 3 Stair or Winged Peak folds are slightly more complicated options with big payoff.


Groomsmen Pocket Squares

What your men wear alongside you can have just as big of an impact as the pocket square you choose for yourself. We like the idea of the groom wearing a more elaborate pocket square, and the groomsmen sporting similar, subtler shades or patterns. Of course, you can always point your groomsmen in a particular direction (like color choice) and let them choose the fabric that matches their own personality.



Visit Rare Fold online for wedding pocket square styling tips and don’t forget to shop our online store to pick up the square that will keep you looking sharp and confident on your big day.