Unique Pocket Squares

A pocket square is one of the best ways to add a bit of charm to your look, and it can help you stand out in a crowd—especially if it’s bright, bold, and eye-catching.


The accessory gives you the opportunity to have some fun with whatever you’re wearing. For instance, unique pocket squares can make an otherwise conservative outfit much more interesting. And because they’re such a small (but impactful) part of your ensemble, fun pocket squares are a way to let your personality shine.


When choosing a pocket square that fits your style, start with one you truly like, even if it’s a simple, solid fabric. If and when you’re ready to go for something a little more daring, opt for a pattern bold enough to start a conversation. Here are five fun and unique pocket squares you should snap up ASAP.


The Fine Apples

A pocket square covered in pineapple and palm trees, à la The Fine Apples, is right at home on a date, casual day at the office, or dinner with friends. The design livens up the classic white background of the square. It’s a grown-up way to feel like you’re on summer vacation (any time of year).


The Gentleman’s Vacation 

When going on holiday, you might be leaving your stuffy suits in your closet and opting for clothes that are a little more appropriate for the sand and surf. That doesn’t mean your style gets a day off, though. The Gentleman’s Vacation marries a stylish look with seaside vibes. The fun pocket square is covered in a seersucker background illustrated with sunglasses and umbrellas to catch the eye. It embodies the casual-cool essence of summer while being fashionable enough to carry you through any season.


The Flamingle 

A bright, eye-catching pattern like The Flamingle can add a punch of color to your ensemble. The pocket square is blush-colored and covered in, what else but, flamingos. While it’s vibrant, the similar hues of the background and design make the accessory worth a second glance. And if you happen to be single, it won’t be for long if you’re wearing The Flamingle. You’ll find yourself receiving compliments whenever you wear this fun, bold square.


The Cabana 

They say you should dress for the job you want. Well, we say accessorize for the place you’d rather be. Whether you’re conducting a presentation in the boardroom or impressing the in-laws at dinner, we know you’d rather be lounging at a cabana. The bright aqua background and seahorse pattern of The Cabana evokes the fun, carefree vibes of hanging out poolside. Donning this unique pocket square can be your little way of bringing that relaxed attitude with you wherever you may be.


The Royal Stallion

The Royal Stallion is perhaps The Cabana’s wiser, more regal older brother. The pocket square’s pattern again consists of miniature seahorses, but with a noble navy blue background. It’s the perfect balance of serious and seriously fun. Wearing this pocket square lets people know you’re not horsing around when it comes to your style.


Showing Off Your Unique Style

There are dozens of ways to fold a pocket square; each fold can deliver its own finishing touch to your look and provide a way to show off your square’s unique design. For instance, the Puff Fold is a nonchalant way to show off the pattern, while the Three-Point Crown Fold adds a little bit of sophistication to a fun motif.


When you’re wearing a Rare Fold pocket square, you can wear it with confidence. Click here to enter our shop and check out our entire collection of fun and unique pocket squares.