Where to Buy Pocket Squares

It wasn’t that long ago when seeing a well-folded pocket square tucked inside a jacket pocket was a rare thing. At Rare Fold, we’re happy the accessory has made its comeback by becoming ubiquitous once again.


Like cufflinks and tie bars, the sartorial-inclined know a pocket square can take any outfit to the next level. The accessory gives you the opportunity to add a bit of personality to your look, making it your own and helping you stand out from the fold.


Where to Buy Pocket Squares

Whether you want to add to your stash of squares or are beginning a new collection, your search should start with where to buy pocket squares. As they become more and more popular, you can purchase pocket squares at more and more locations.


The prices can vary based on where you buy them, and the fabric, quality, and design or print may all affect the cost. If you’re on a budget, start by shopping on eBay or at thrift stores, where you might be able to find a square for around $5. It’s not unheard of to spend more than $100 for one if you’re buying it from a high-end department store, or if it’s a name brand like Tom Ford. Usually, though, you can find a square of exceptional quality for about $40, like the ones we’ve crafted at Rare Fold.


But finding them within your budget is just one key to the puzzle. You want to make sure you’re buying a pocket square that’s going to be high quality and last you through your biggest occasions and constant wear.


How to Buy Pocket Squares: Three Styles to Start Your Collection

A proper pocket square collection should always start with these three pieces.


Something Simple

Really, if you’re only going to have one pocket square, it’s best to start with a timeless style. The first piece to add to your collection should be a simple, white square. It’s appropriate for almost every outfit and occasion, and it’ll never go out of style. The Cape Todd, for instance, is made with 100% cotton, and is a clean, crisp white that’ll keep you looking fresh and stylish.


A Pop of Color

Once you’ve added a solid white pocket square to your collection, go for something bolder and brighter by adding color to your suit arsenal. You can start simply, with a vivid solid; the deep blue of The Duke or the softer pink of The Desert Rose are good places to start. You can also take it a step further by skipping solids and choosing a subtle pattern, like the studly seahorse design on The Cabana. As you branch out to add more colors and designs to your collection, consider sticking with lighter colors in the spring, summer, and for more casual events. Darker shades, like burgundy or forest green, work better during the colder months and for more conservative or formal outfits.


Something Wild

We’ve said before that a pocket square is one of the best ways to add a bit of personality to your look, so have some fun with a few of the fabrics. A pocket square covered in pineapple, à la The Fine Apples, might not be the most appropriate accessory for a board room meeting, but it looks right at home for a date, casual day in the office, or dinner with friends. Donning The Gentleman’s Vacation will also kick your outfit up a notch and conspicuously let everyone know how cool you are.


How to Wear a Pocket Square 

There are dozens of ways to fold your square—each delivering its own unique finishing touch to your look. The one thing to keep in mind is to never match your pocket square to your tie. Instead, choose the accessories to complement each other, so that the design is different, but both share the same color theme.


When you’re wearing a Rare Fold pocket square, you can wear it with confidence. Click here to enter our shop and find your next favorite accessory.